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In order to make the changes necessary to ensure that each student receives a world-class mathematics education, it is imperative that teachers have models that serve as bases for discussion and reflection. Teachers are busy people who don't have the time necessary for in depth interaction with peers. Modeling Middle School Mathematics will be available to educators any time, any place. The use of videos coupled with web based resources offer the flexibility needed to allow teachers to learn and discuss significant ideas aimed at improved instruction when they wish, rather than attending a class after school.

Modeling Middle School Mathematics is a dynamic project aimed at improving mathematic instruction grades 5-8. This project, funded by the National Science Foundation, will utilize merging technologies to "bring to life" in classrooms across the nation, recommendations made by state and NCTM Standards. Modeling Middle School Mathematics (MMM) working in collaboration with the Show-Me Project at the University of Missouri, will provide teachers an opportunity to visit classes across the country through video lessons, and have an opportunity to discuss content and teaching strategies with other educators via the Web.

Goals of Modeling Middle School Mathematics

This project will:

  • Illustrate middle school math projects that meet or exceed the NCTM Standards 2000.
  • Make information, resources, and materials more universally available
  • Encourage and promote dialog among people interested in mathematics reform
  • Establish and facilitate partnerships among schools, communities, andprofessional organizations
What will be produced?

MMM will create materials, which can be used with in-service programs, and pre-service courses.

Videos and support materials

The project will:
  • Create 10 video lessons, two for each of the five projects, organized around the five content strands found in NCTM's Principles and Standards for School Mathematics.
  • Produce printed resource and support materials that correspond to the video lessons. The format and content will reflect the actual materials developed by each project. The support materials for that specific video lesson will be available in hard copy and online.
  • Create a Sourcebook for leaders. This Sourcebook will give ideas concerning how to use the materials in in-service and pre-service programs, and the public in general.

Web based initiatives

Modeling Middle School Mathematics will create additional features, which will be available universally to anyone. Using the infrastructure of the Show-Me Web site, it is planned to enhance the site by:

  • Creating video streaming of portions of the video lessons.
  • Providing complete electronic versions of the support material, and Sourcebook.
    Thus all information is provided free on the web. This complete package reflecting reform mathematics from the leading projects in the US will be distributed nationally.

Who is making the videos?

WNET Channel Thirteen in New York produced the videos. Thirteen is an award-winning producer of educational videos and brings the necessary experience to this project.

Who developed the website?

KnowNet Construction, Inc. designed and developed the site including the video interface for the lessons. KnowNet Construction specializes in collaborating with creative people to develop interesting and useful educational sites at all levels.

Contact Information:

Bolster Education

Carey Bolster
Bolster Education, Inc.
9 Haig Place #705
Dunedin, FL 34698

Email: bolstereducation@hotmail.com

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